Mission & Vision




Our MISSION Is simple -To provide foreign businesses in Africa, and Africans abroad, a superlative team of credible and reliable professionals who will offer practical and proactive solutions and enabling environment for successful cross border business ventures between Africa and the world. 
We recognize that your success and progress will define and tell our own success story and set us apart from the rest.  Therefore, our Vision To equip you with adequate knowledge, resources, and confidence as necessary to guarantee your success, so that you may take full advantages of a wide range of global business relationships and opportunities. We are guided by the conviction that your accomplishments will tell our own success story and will set us apart from the rest.


Practical – Credible – Reliable

Yes, we are not your average consulting firm. To illustrate why and how we are different, consider the following hypothetical questions:
1. Would you allow a professor of medicine to operate on you, if he has never worked on humans?
2. Would you allow a law professor to represent you in court, if he has never handled a case before?
Of course, you should answer NO to the above questions! Menes Konsult is made up of well-trained and experienced professionals, who are currently practicing lawyers, certified and forensic accountants, architects, engineers, IT professionals, bankers and financial advisors, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, project funders/financiers, pharmacists, medical doctors, etc. So, while you get mere theories after paying huge sums to those other “consulting firms,” we not only develop customized strategies and tactics to implement concrete, entrepreneurial goals for your business, but we also deliver and coordinate the concepts and practical implementations. We have the best tools and resources to bridge the gaps!


Eliminating risks too!

Problem-solving consulting is the special type of consulting that focuses on problems, issues and solutions. Here, the consultant identifies and finds practical, applicable, and long term solutions that will lead to verifiable results and overall success. Because practical applications will often differ from theory, the problem-solving consultant often relies on practical experience to find real solutions. At Menes Konsult, our clients’ satisfaction and success are the benchmark for the quality of our work and our success. Our clients are guaranteed custom-made and focused representation that would lead to practical and applicable solutions. As a client, you will benefit from our global and multicultural cross-border legal and business expertise in dynamic key markets of the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. We provide simplified solutions for the most complex problems.


Investigate – Verify – Confirm

Menes Konsult is an initiative of African professionals in the diaspora (United States and Europe), who realized there is an urgent need for reliable and credible problem-solving legal and business services to foreign businesses in Africa, as well as to African businesses abroad. Often, foreign and African businesses seeking to explore cross-border opportunities encounter challenges related to lack of funding, lack of legitimate investors/partners, market issues, hostile local community, corrupt public officers, fraudsters, and inexperienced/unreliable professionals. Such businesses may fall victims to fraudsters and smooth-talking “wannabes” seeking undue advantage and fast money. At Menes Konsult, our teams of reliable and credible professionals are well versed in the intricacies and complexities of cross-border business. With partners/affiliates in major countries, we are well positioned to ensure that your business dreams do not turn into nightmares. We serve your business in areas of project funding; equity investment/partnership; project management; due diligence, investigation, and verification of potential opportunities; cross-border negotiations, mediation, and arbitration; raw materials sourcing; business launch and branding; immigration/relocation; legal services; and other types of business consulting.


Connecting Africa and the World

Yes we are also in the matchmaking business! You see, we are unapologetically passionate about helping foreign businesses succeed and grow in Africa. We facilitate business and technical relationships and collaboration between Africa and the rest of the world. Our teams of reliable and credible local professionals work hard to provide foreign businesses in Africa with welcoming, secure, fraud-free environment, and business friendly platforms. We arm our clients with necessary confidence and resources that will ensure their success and, thereby, progress of the African continent. When African businesses seek opportunities abroad, our teams of professionals in the Diaspora are there to assist them. Our due diligence team ensures that African businesses are dealing with legitimate persons abroad, and we facilitate business discussions and negotiations. By working closely with clients, we ensure that they are able to close deals and do not run afoul of the laws, cultures and practices of foreign countries.


To achieve our Mission and Vision, we have assembled a team of practical, forward-thinking, and refreshingly honest professionals and technicians who are guided by the following Core Values:











We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals whether you are a foreign business that is interested in (or currently) doing business in Africa or an African business that is interested in (or currently) doing business abroad.